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Five Tips for the Engineering Student


  • Use Your Resources
engineering student tips

Working on a group project is a great opportunity to practice your leadership skills.

To name a few, this means using professors, friends, classmates, advisors, books, YouTube, internships and blogs, to gain an extensive knowledge base while in school. Being able to find and utilize resources in your everyday life at college will translate into your post-grad position in the workforce.

  • Keep Your Notes & Study Materials

Whether from semester to semester or from school to workforce, the notes and study guides available to you in school could remain useful. You never know when the research you collected for a paper in freshman calculus could help you prepare for your F.E. exam post grad. Be sure to keep anything that could be beneficial to you later in your engineering journey.

  • Focus On The Details

Learn the importance of being detail oriented while in school. Fine tune your diligence and attention to specifics, before you put your studies into practice to avoid missing details on an important project.  Paying close attention to your project checklist can help you notice a task with a three-week lead time before it’s too late.

  • Group Projects…*sigh*

Select few enjoy when a professor announces a group project. However, in engineering, you’ll want to make group projects your best friend. Not only will group projects help shape your leadership skills, but they will hone in on your delegation, compromise and problem solving skills. Group projects, though sometimes difficult, will help you face small challenges now and ultimately build the team mentality, which is vital to the workplace.

  • Build A Network Of Professionals

Similar to using your resources, you can build relationships with students, professors and professionals. You never know where your connections will work or who they will know. Your roommate in sophomore year could become the contractor you need to complete a project.  The professor you thought you wouldn’t speak to again, could be the best person to help you solve a problem.

Being a student has its challenges, but applying these tips can help you face them. Are you graduating soon? KCW is hiring! See if we have an opening for you by emailing



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