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KCW engineering leader embraces technology, looks to young engineers for inspiration

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Peter McDonnell, Vice President of KCW Engineering, encourages young engineers in the company.

“Technology is magic,” said Peter McDonnell, Vice President of Engineering for KCW, celebrating 30 years with the company.

“You should want my job! That’s what I tell every candidate,” Peter McDonnell sits back, grinning like a kid with candy. McDonnell is Vice President of Engineering at KCW Engineering Technologies.

In July 2016, McDonnell marked 30 years with the company. He moved from his home of Ireland to Baltimore in 1986 with no intention to stay, but Bill Woody, former CEO of KCW, gave him an opportunity for which he is eternally grateful.

McDonnell had little experience in design, having only worked on construction for a large port development in Ireland and on a project at the Road Research Institute in Norway, but KCW saw his value.

“Everyone at KCW was very kind and helpful to me, especially Reggie Roberts, who is still here and is now an Associate,” said McDonnell.

Engineering Happy Employees

What is McDonnell’s secret to remaining with the same company for 30 years?

He explains that KCW is simply a great place to work. The company provides support, opportunity, professional development and personal encouragement to all team members.

Kimberly Groves, CEO of KCW, shared, “Peter has a certain Zen-like quality. Always a smile, always ready to help solve a problem.”

Like McDonnell once did, team members at KCW get cross-trained in multiple disciplines so they can learn to work in different areas and continuously grow in their careers.

“Our intention is that people want to stay here forever. We try to do everything in our power to keep them happy, make sure they feel valued and that they’re contributing and growing,” McDonnell said.

“There’s nothing better than someone who loves their job.”

Inspiration from Young Engineers

“I look to our wonderful team of young engineers for inspiration. Engineering is about problem-solving and being positive. It’s also about embracing and searching for opportunities,” McDonnell said.

“This generation is so educated and so positive. They’re perfect for engineering. I’ve always thought of this as the land of opportunity. You get a ton of support, help and encouragement.”

He continued, “As KCW team members progress in their careers, engineers become managers and team leaders. You get more invested in the business side, dealing with clients and looking for business development opportunities.”

Every employee at KCW can find a place in the company where they can be happy, make a difference and add value.

Embracing Change and Technology

McDonnell has one thing to say about engineering today:

“Technology is magic.”

“Technology has accelerated everything we do. You have to embrace change. It’s going to happen,” McDonnell said. “The tools we use today are radically different than five years ago. Where are we going to be in five more years? Only our positive attitude and open-mindedness will get us there.”

KCW is proud to have Peter McDonnell on our team. We look forward to seeing him embrace these changes for many more years. Happy Anniversary, Peter!

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