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The Positive Difference – An insider’s perspective of KCW Engineering

KCW Engineering leadership

Strong leadership is what sets KCW apart.

“Nothing changed, I just kept doing my job and one day my title switched,” Kimberly Groves, CEO of KCW Engineering, said. It does not take long for a KCW employee to see the humility their executives exemplify daily. Having been with the company only three weeks, I have already witnessed the rarity that is the leadership at KCW. In meetings, phone calls, employee chats or casual office conversation, the positive tone of KCW remains the same. KCW is a quiet strength, where success remains humble and motivation rings loud. The leadership at this firm is a rarity that can be admired by companies far beyond only those in the engineering field.

A story told by one of the executives embodies the management at KCW perfectly. A man who worked at a retail clothing shop was in charge of organizing the store. He observed the behavior of his managers and learned from their actions. He noticed, as the managers walked around the store, they fixed ruffled clothing racks and folded messy shirts on their own. The conscious effort to complete tasks that fall outside of an executive’s role, regardless of title, is a priceless leadership quality. KCW contains this quality and upholds this principle daily, which separates them from the rest.

This commendable leadership creates a ripple effect on the employees, who truly work as a cohesive team. With genuine friendliness, consistent collaboration and diverse skill sets, there is something to be said about the KCW family. The camaraderie of conversations, the laughter of lunchtime, the trust of team members and the excitement for achievements are daily perks of working at KCW that do not go unnoticed.

Written by Hailey Klebe, KCW Communications Specialist

KCW is looking for more employees to join the team, and though I have only been here a short time, I would advise you take a look at the opportunities our company has.






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