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Enterprising Women: Fearless Leaders and Fierce Lessons


KCW attends BBJ’s inspiring Enterprising Women event at Hilton Baltimore.

KCW attends BBJ’s inspiring Enterprising Women event at Hilton Baltimore

“Close your eyes and think big. Then close your eyes again and think bigger,” said Stephanie Williams, President of Bozzuto.

Dedicated Baltimore professionals filled the Hilton Ballroom, eager to hear from the panelists at the Baltimore Business Journal’s Enterprising Women event. Aptly named, the event featured businesswomen whose initiative and tenaciousness has launched them into successful careers in industries ranging from construction to education. The panelists embodied fearlessness & empowerment, as they encouraged attendees to pursue their goals and realize their corporate visions.

Corresponding with the event’s theme of “Fearless & Female,” they discussed how to overcome a fear of failure & embrace the inevitability of challenges within one’s career.  The panelists emphasized adaptivity and willingness, advising the attendees to grasp opportunities as they arise, rather than fixating on perfecting a five-year plan.

“Every day is an interview with somebody that crosses your path,” said Kelly Schulz, Secretary at Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Registration. Schulz and her co-panelists shared the importance of developing a connection with professionals in the community who can offer diverse skill sets that create dimensional discussion.

KCW was thankful to attend this event, and looks forward to attending more empowering events in the future!

Kelly Schulz, Secretary, Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation

Melissa Walker, CFO & Executive Vice President of KCW Engineering



Kelly Schulz and Stephanie Williams, President, Bozzuto

Melissa Walker and Stephanie Williams, President, Bozzuto






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