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The Making Of A New Town

residential development

A brand new community in Prince George’s County!

KCW’s role in the new residential development Smith Home Farm in P.G. County

The Master Plan

A Master Plan for 646 acres including nearly 2,000 residences makes up the community development that is Smith Home Farm. If you read our 5 reasons you should be an engineer post, then you know that engineering can be enthralling. KCW’s opportunity to work on the Smith Home Farm project is a perfect example.

Site Specifics

The site is located 10 miles from Washington DC and is ultimately part of a new 6,000-acre township called the Westphalia Sector in Prince George’s County. The township will yield new commercial, residential, educational, and public amenities for the locals to enjoy. Smith Home Farm’s master plan is divided into six phases & is set to be complete in 2018. This project is expected to create more than 4,000 jobs including design, construction & engineering.

A Gorgeous Residential Community For Everyone To Enjoy

KCW is happy to be a part of an exciting new residential development filled with opportunity and growth for the surrounding area. We are providing electrical engineering and dry utility services for this project. For a job this intricate, KCW must work diligently to provide power to each residential unit.

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