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5 Reasons Why You Should Become an Engineer

  1. engineer standing in front of building

    Imagine passing by a building and being able to tell your friends that you helped to design it!

    You have the ability to change the landscape, structure and design of your community & those around you. Have you ever wished that crossroads were sent in different directions or hoped certain utility poles could be moved? How can you truly make these structures better? Dream them. Visualize them. Design them. Become a professional engineer.

  1. You always have the chance to learn & work across platforms. In a heavily technological field, you can never truly stop learning. As an engineer, new technologies, programs and processes will continuously develop to adapt and ratify the efficiency of the field. The ever-changing elements of technology truly eternalize the life-span of engineering. There will consistently be new programs & updates that will keep your job interesting and help grow your technical skills as a whole.
  1. The opportunities are endless. There will always be new projects to plan and new land to develop. The level of networking, connections and developments within the field of engineering allow for unexpected opportunities to arise. A project from years before can be revitalized to bring new tasks to life. These projects can ultimately improve the aesthetic of communities all over.
  1. Your work matters — everywhere. Not only does your work matter to the people it directly affects, but to those present and future. The work of engineers ripples through the economy, the environment and the infrastructure of our world. This work matters and this work must be done well. The effect of these plans and innovations can withstand time and encourage engineers of the future. It is everlasting & omnipresent.
  1. Engineering is FUN! Yes, FUN! From start to finish, the process, meetings & designs of engineers culminate into a tangible building. Not only is this rewarding, it makes the work fun. Knowing that you will be able to point out a previous project while driving or take friends to visit a building you’ve designed helps make the challenges and hard work worth it. On rare occasion, you may even be able to name a street! Does it get more fun than that?
  1. You could work at KCW. (I know, we said five, but this was too great of a reason to leave out.) We’re hiring! KCW is more than a civil engineering firm; we offer land planning, land surveying accounting and land development opportunities. Visit to learn more or email a resume to
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