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KCW’s Recipe for Employee Longevity

Coworkers stacking their hands, exemplifying an environment that fosters employee longevity

Creating a great corporate culture through employee engagement and mentoring is part of our recipe for employee longevity.

Employee longevity is the key to a successful company. Employees are often the driving factor for a company’s continued growth. When employees are happy, they are more productive and invested in the company. Here at KCW, we have celebrated several employees who have devoted decades of their lives to engineering at our firm. Over the years, we’ve discovered a few attributes that help increase employee longevity and help ensure employees are happy as a part of the KCW family.

Engagement with Employees

A company that does not acknowledge their employees’ needs, achievements, and concerns is likely to lose those employees after a short period. Most people want their workplace to be an environment where they can grow and become an essential part of the company. A great company will go the extra distance to make employees feel valuable. The key is to create an environment that encourages growth and engagement. Activities, company culture and traditions are vital. If an employee feels encouraged, valuable and engaged, they will want to stay active within the company. Most employees do not simply enjoy doing busy work, but rather contributing as a valued member of a hard-working team.

Exemplified Employee Longevity

When employees see their colleagues celebrating an anniversary with the company, it sets a good example to follow. Within our company we have celebrated a few 30 year anniversaries; you may have noticed our recent celebration of Peter McDonnell’s 30 year anniversary. Employees will only stay at a company for multiple decades if they enjoy it. When newer employees see the commitment of long-term employees, it helps create a positive company sentiment and encourages them personally to stay long-term. In everything we do, we uphold the importance of leading through example, which includes employee longevity.

Mentoring Successful Employees

What makes it easy for employees to spend their careers with KCW? Mentoring.

When employees are building their professional skills and actively contributing to the company, they are more likely to love their job. One way this can be achieved is through mentoring. Our senior designers and engineers take pride in mentoring employees of various experience levels. Of this process, McDonnell says, “Our intention is that people want to stay here forever. We try to do everything in our power to keep them happy, make sure they feel valued and that they’re contributing and growing. There’s nothing better than someone who loves their job.”

There are several benefits to having experienced employees train & advise others. Not only do new employees learn the skills they need to be successful in their industry, but they feel connected, appreciated and confident in doing so. Having mentors is a great way to make a company feel personal while guiding each employee toward success. When employees are successful, the company is successful!

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